Business Ethics

This brief document outlines what the company regards as appropriate or inappropriate in our day to day dealings: what we consider to be our company ethics.

Our business ethics is the one certain thing in a business where we interact and deal with all types of clients, customers, agents and network members from all around the world. With such a variety of relations being formed involving different cultures and ways of doing business, our company code of ethics, with its values and principles which are solid and have endured the test of time, will eliminate uncertainty and assist in making the right and ethical decision.

The corporate conduct of Freight Systems is based on acting responsibly, honestly and with integrity at all times and Freight Systems employees are required to act in the best interests of the company. The Company’s interests may be prejudiced in the event of any conflict of interests involving its employees, particularly in the event that any such conflict gives rise to any issues of bribery and corruption.

Freight Systems’ policies are supported by further guidance notes and the application of common sense, logic and the basic standards of behavior expected in the international environment in which the company participates. These should assist in guiding each employee in determining the correct course of action when dealing with ethical standards in the performance of their daily working lives.

Our business ethics policy provides employees with the fundamental principles required to govern the behavior of all Freight Systems employees in the performance of their duties.

A guiding principle should be that neither Freight Systems’ overall integrity nor its local reputation would be damaged if details of the business practice or transaction were publicly disclosed.

If any employee believes that the standards of the code and related policies are not being correctly adhered to, they should raise these concerns immediately. For this purpose, Freight Systems has instituted measures ensuring that any employee who brings forth such an interest can do so without fear of either being punished or any retaliatory action being taken.

Commitment and Responsibility

International activities are conducted in accordance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and the highest standards of ethical business conduct

Strong belief in dignity, human rights of all people