Supporting customers & our staff

Many of our customers have programmes that commit them to ambitious corporate responsibility targets.

As core suppliers, we understand the need to support them in their journey to drive sustainable transformation within their supply chains.

FSL is a people business. We rely heavily on our competent, dedicated and loyal employees to deliver on the promises we make to our customers. That is why we have made it our top priority to provide a great and safe working environment for all employees across the entire global organisation. This is part of both our company strategy and our BCoC.

Because we understand the environment in which we work, we can commit to reducing our environmental impacts as part of our strategic business planning through a process of continual improvement.

Ensuring satisfied employees and a safe working environment is a top priority.

This includes

Wherever possible, using environmentally safe and sustainable resources and products manufactured from recycled or recyclable materials.
Maximising resource usage and minimising the creation of waste.
Educating, training and motivating our employees so that they are aware of the potential impact of their actions on the environment and understand their role in helping reduce the environmental impact of the business.
Managing the environmental impacts, particularly the prevention of pollution, as an integral part of the company’s ISO 14001 accredited environmental management system. The setting of objectives with quantifiable targets to reduce emissions, discharges and waste is a key element of our systems.
Promoting our environmental policy to all our suppliers, hauliers and others working for us or on our behalf, expecting that they will also adopt both a responsible and proactive approach to environmental concerns.
Actively engaging with customers, employees and suppliers to exploit opportunities offered by new technologies and improved process operations to further reduce environmental impact.
Reviewing our energy and water usage and, where necessary, investing in the appropriate technology for conservation and improved efficiency.
Ensuring compliance with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements to which the Company subscribes, which relate to its environmental aspects.

Educating, training and motivating our employees

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