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Purchase Order (PO) management is a key factor in managing an effective international supply chain.

Acting as an extension of your business, Freight Systems creates a seamless and proactive supply chain. Our team of sourcing specialists can source, manage, and optimize the supply of your raw materials, components, and parts for finished products. We focus on quality, before materials reach your factories, making sure they are production ready!

We negotiate directly with suppliers, leveraging the buying power of multiple clients to obtain the best possible price. By allowing Freight Systems to manage material supply into brand partner factories, clients receive a complete and accurate breakdown of material costs, bringing full transparency back to the brand, and removing the mystery in your bill of materials.

Of course cost is only part of the equation. Freight Systems can source rubber, textiles, leather and other production-ready materials in accordance with brand quality & costing objectives. Cost transparency, cost-effectiveness and quality control – these are just a few of the reasons to start at the beginning of your supply chain with Freight Systems.

Why Us

Source Optimization: Let the makers make and leave the complexities of materials sourcing to the experts.

Price Management: Freight Systems can reduce costs at the very start of your supply chain. That’s the power of price management.

Order Management: Freight Systems’ order management teams use best-in-class systems and processes to fulfill orders with complete visibility and on-time delivery.

Source Management: Freight Systems constantly benchmarks suppliers, measuring quality and on-time performance.

Color Management: With less than 0.03% material rejection rate, Our Color Management Program comes through with flying colors.

Claims Management: Freight Systems’ claim management process resolves claims quickly and effectively, keeping orders flowing and factories producing.

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