Standard Trading Conditions

These conditions (referred to as the Freight Systems STC) are copyright and are for the exclusive use of Freight Systems members.

In order for them to be effective in a contract with a client they need to be incorporated into that contract. To do this, the client must be made aware of their existence before, or at the time of making the contract. A copy of the forwarder”s trading conditions should be sent to the client, addressed to a responsible person such as a partner, director or company secretary, stating that the forwarder undertakes all tasks under these conditions which restrict his or her liability.

It is important that all staff who engage with the customer at the outset of the contract are made aware of the company policy in relation to incorporation of conditions. The conditions clarify liabilities and responsibilities of the parties and unless they have been seen by the customer before he places the order a court may set them aside and all the limitations and liabilities that go with it.

Download STC – UAE  Download STC – Rest of the world

Liabilities and responsibilities of the parties

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