Protecting our environment

Our quality and environmental work is a tightly integrated part of what we do and is consistently in focus.

We are certified by the quality standard ISO 9001 as well as with the environmental standard ISO 14001.

Transportation significantly affects the environment, both directly and indirectly. As an international logistics provider, we have a responsibility to strive at minimizing the negative environmental impact as much as possible.

By working with all transport modes within the same organization, we can actively focus on letting only the desire to create cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solutions guide the choice of mode of transportation.

Through an extensive network of contacts, we can often find ways to exploit trucks, railway wagons, sea containers and even airplanes that otherwise run empty.

In our multi-modal transportation system, we use containers and railway wagons that have already been used for export cargo and thus contribute to higher capacity utilization and reduced environmental impact. Our quality work also means that we develop creative and innovative solutions by focusing on details while simultaneously having a comprehensive understanding of the bigger picture and a constant quest for improvement.

When our customers feel that we do not deliver the agreed quality, we use a cause analysis process to find the actual cause and correct any systematic errors. All employees are responsible for contributing to achieving our environmental and quality objects through their daily work.

Includes health of the land, air and sea

It takes care of People, Planet and Profit

Global Reach, Customized Solutions.