Solutions through Technology

FRESCON is a Purchase Order Management System (POMS) developed by Freight Systems in order to allow the customer to seamlessly transact with us. It is an online, web based tool that has advanced features such as e-Bookings and a wide range of ready reports that are customer specific. By using MY REPORTS, customers can customize and schedule the reports directly to their email.

Customers can view all their shipping documents online such as, invoices, packing lists and certificate of origins by using FRESCON. Additionally, customers can also see our freight invoices and outstanding statements. Customers using our 3PL or logistics services can acquire both freight and warehousing information on the same platform as we have an online integrated warehouse module.

Instead of using number generated by FSL, customers can use their PO numbers to search all the essential information regarding their shipments. Our Purchase Order Management system is designed to seamlessly integrate and retrieve data from any ERP structure providing ease and convenience to our customers.

Key Benefits of FRESCON

Web-based personalized Purchase Order Management System

Secure online tool

A wide range of Ready Reports

Access to generate e-Bookings

Integrated freight and warehousing modules

Access to proactive real-time information flow

High visibility & transparency

24×7 access to all shipping documents

Integration with other ERP systems

Customizable to customer requirements

Proactive real-time information flow with high visibility & transparency of the supply chain flow

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